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Why Fast Foods are not Good for your Health?



Fast foods have become very important nowadays because they are very delicious and they are mood lifters in our busy schedule of the day. We served fast food to our guests because no one had enough time to cook elaborate dishes. 

But eating fast food is very dangerous for health. The sugary, greasy, and full of fat food make you happy, but it has a lot of health risks.

These foods trigger many diseases like obesity, diabetes 2, cardiovascular diseases, and even some types of cancers. These foods affect your whole body and destroy your health.

Now I will tell you how fast foods destroy your health. 

Fast Foods and Obesity

Our lifestyle and diet affect our health because we do not move and do all the work by sitting in one place.

All the fast foods are rich in fats, sugars, and greasy foods, so they contain many calories. So, it is difficult to burn these extra calories that we consume through fast foods, and as a result, we gain excess weight that leads to obesity.

Obesity increases the risk of many other chronic diseases, including heart diseases, liver disease, asthma, type 2 diabetes, strokes, and arthritis.

Obesity also causes different types of cancers such as breast cancer, oesophagus cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.

Fast Foods and Heart Health

Fast foods are greasy and full of fatty foods. These foods contain unhealthy fats that increase your LDL levels in the body.

These are harmful fatty acids that narrow the walls of your heart and narrow your arteries. The walls of the heart become hard. It becomes harder to push blood to your heart that triggers hypertension

All the passages are narrowed; very little blood reaches your heart. The muscles of the heart need oxygen for their normal functioning.

When they don’t get enough oxygen for their normal function, they slowly become dead and stop their functions. The increase in LDL fats and hypertension leads to heart attack and cardiac arrest. 

Fast foods also cause a stroke. The plaques of fats that accumulate in the arteries break off and move toward the brain with the blood flow, where it will cause a stroke. 

Fast Foods and Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver Disease (NAFLD):

Fast foods cause non-alcoholic-fatty-liver disease that is a silent killer. It destroys your liver’s ability to work properly.

It is not only caused due to use of alcohol. It is caused due to sugars and unhealthy fats that damage your liver. 

NAFLD, always a result of a diet rich in triglycerides and also causes liver cancer. The fats that are present in fast foods are deposited in your liver and cause inflammation. If it remains unchecked, it leads to a severe condition called “liver cirrhosis.” 

Fast Foods and Diabetes:

Fast foods are full of sugar, salts, and unhealthy fats. All these things in excess are harmful to health.

These foods have a high glycemic index, which means they increase your blood sugar level after consuming these foods and soon drop down this level.

So fast foods increase the risk of diabetes in the body. The constant fluctuation of sugar levels in the body is bad for diabetic patients even it triggers insulin resistance in non-diabetic patients. 


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