10 Tips To Get In Shape & Make Things Easier and Faster

According to the results of studies by scientists from big U.S. Universities, only 1 out of 5 people managed to lose the extra weight that was at least 10% of their body mass. One of the reasons that make getting in shape such a hard task is the plateau effect. The plateau effect is a force of nature that lessens the effectiveness of once-effective measures over time. An example of the plateau effect is when someone’s exercise fails to be as effective as in the past, similar to the concept of diminishing returns.

Of course, when there is no progress, people get disappointed and tend to stop leading a healthy lifestyle. However, it is possible to fight the plateau effect.

My Health & Fitness Tips Team has found scientifically proven ways to get in shape even if you are in the plateau phase.

Tired of those usual fad diets? Without a doubt, we spend our days filtering through the most recent research and getting some information about super-fit celebrities’ workout routines. Toward the day’s end, however, peeling off the pounds is pretty much as difficult for us as it is for any other person. These 10 tips and tricks might not be easy to stick to, but they have worked for me.

1. Portion Control

Portion control for weight loss

Portion control is essential when you eat food. If you are dining out, order two appetizers instead of the main course, and avoid the bread piece if you choose pasta. It is always better to eat smaller portions, that makes more sense than to measure them and weigh them, which will not only you leave you hungry for more but, also play with your brain that how less you have eaten.

2. Keep Food on the Go

Keep food on the go for weight loss

Keep a snack that is healthy, such as a fruit or maybe some carrots or cucumbers that you can munch on through the day. This will not only end your hunger pangs but also keep you away from those mindless cravings.

3. Shake Your Chocolate Craving Away

Shake your chocolate craving away for weight loss

It’s okay to be a fan of chocolate as long as you are using it as a flavor only. Keep a shaker cup on the go with some chocolate protein powder, if you really feel the need to have something sweet.

4. Keep Food in Non-Heat Containers

Keep it in non-heat containers for weight loss

If you put your food in non-heat containers, high chances are you won’t go for it. This will help you cut down on your portions of how much you eat.

5. Start Moving

start moving for weight loss

Regardless of the fact, that you’re not committing a whole lump of time to a workout, you can blaze a couple of additional calories by attempting to move more during the day. Take breaks to stroll around the workplace, choose stairs rather than the elevator, and park your car a little far from the office door, these are all simple yet effective approaches to up your calorie cut down.

6. An Early Last Meal of the Day

An early last meal of the day for weight loss

Try to keep your last meal of about 25 percent of your everyday calories, and have it no less than a few hours before going to bed. Eating food late at night can be difficult to digest and will not let you sleep.

7. Brush/Floss Your Teeth

Brush Floss your teeth for weight loss

This is like putting a seal to the day. More people are likely to not only avoid but want to eat after they have brushed or flossed their teeth. Therefore, brushing after dinner will make you less likely to eat again before you go to bed.

8. A Motivational Picture or a Note

A motivational Picture for weight loss

Having as a reminder, to what you were like, is a good strategy to set you back on the track. This will help you not only get buck up, but also help you show improvements which then again will be motivating. Even an inspirational note will work to reach your fitness goals.

9. Stress Less

Stress less for weight loss

The more you stress, the more you intend to do wrong things. For many, eating or sleeping more than they should, when they are stressed, give a chance to put on weight.

10. A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep for weight loss

Not having enough hours of sleep can provoke you to eat more during the day. This will also cut back on your energy if you workout, so try at least getting seven hours of sleep every night.

Here are 10 more tips to get in shape considerably quicker: